Mates Of State...


Mates of State... what can I say except I love them!!! In my little dream world that I am often lost in, they are what I picture hubs and I to be if we were band... freakin adorable!!! I think Ive let it slip before that I like to picture the leads of bands as a couple and these guys let me indulge my secret fantasy. So where do I start... I mean what isn't there to like about these guys?!? The husband and wife duo have such a distinct sound when it comes to their music... quirky lyrics, poppy beats, fast tempos, and a ton of harmonizing... not to mention that they just look so in love performing together. When I listen to them, I feel the clouds part, the sun shine through, and all the negative just disappear into thin air, nowhere to be found again. These guys are my heroes!!! I have sadly never had to pleasure of seeing them perform  live but youtube videos don't lie. Now if only I could convince hubs that we should start a band together and that it should also be as bubble gum poppy as these guys... yea I doubt he'd go for it but it's worth a try!

My fave album...

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***Today I am thankful for the poppy and cheery sound that is Mates Of State... always puts a smile on my face for sure***


  1. love love LOVE! I already pre-ordered the LP, t-shirt, buttons, tote bag, and I think I get a handwritten note? Can't wait for the new album!

  2. @Lauren Chilcote If only we had stalked them like we did The Brunettes... and why did we only now realize this mutual love for them??? -JB.



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