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So real quick before I go on and on about the Kings Of Leon... whom I love by the way... let me update you on my life because I'm sure you are all so curious to know what Ive been up to. So firstly... we finally got internet at the flat!!! Yes indeed, this is the first post from the comfort of my bed while I eat stale chocolate chip cookies and watch movies (from online) with hubs... thank you God! As some of you may know, I had been blogging regularly from Starbucks aka my office and supplier of coffee/internet. I had managed to get a good schedule going when low and behold, I got a job! Now before you jump up with glee for me, this is only a part time retail job, and yes I know it's better than nothing, but I am still on the hunt for a kid's wear design position... so I you know of any, help a sister out! I have successfully survived week one of new role, Jackie B. as a shop girl. Stick around as I'm sure I will have a post dedicated to my now daily encounters as said shop girl. So add job, minus internet and Starbucks, equaled lack of posting... sorry! But I'm back and raring to go!!!

About Kings Of Leon... geez where to begin! I heard about them through little k (bless her musically intuitive little heart!) and the love affair began soon after. These guys are a couple of cuties from the south, not the mid west (Nashville to be exact) that first came onto the scene with their early sounds of southern rock infused with blues, a unique combination that made them a fast favorite of mine. Through the years and many albums later, their sound has evolved into a more alternative rock one. I personally prefer their older albums (Aha Shake Heartbrake is my fave) and have had fun listening to them grow and change. I even had the pleasure of seeing them live with little k at Madison Square Gardens a couple of years ago... as total groupies, we bought shirts and sang along to every song... good times!

my fave 10
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***Today I am thankful for BT and their internet services actually arriving semi on time... that and hubs running to the post office to get the modem, my superhero!***


  1. Um Jackie - Nashville, TN is the SOUTH!!! Not the mid west! LOLZ.

  2. @Shelby Lol... in my defense I was half asleep and very tired when I wrote this ;) -JB.



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