Crystals & Crumpets...


Today was a very eagerly anticipated day for me... not only did I have the day off (horray!) but also... I got to attend my first ever blogger associated event!!! What's that you ask? Well in this case it was a very lavish tea party hosted by IFB's Jennine Jacob in collaboration with Swarovski Crystallized called Crystals and Crumpets. Originally today was scheduled to be London's very first IFB Conference but because of unprecedented issues, it sadly had to be cancelled. Lucky for us though, we were surprised by a last minute invitation to a mini mad hatter inspired tea party. Surrounded by all the glitz and bling imaginable in the Swarovski shop, we got to listen to a great group of guest blogger panelists and their helpful insights on how blogging can help shape your career. The afternoon also consisted of a mingle session where I got to meet a lot of lovely new UK based bloggers while sipping on champagne and munching on some yummy scones... what more could a girl ask for???

Jennine Jacob of The Coveted
Nadia of FrouFrouu (not pictured above)
YM Ousley of Signature 9
Shini Park of Park and Cube
Mattias Swenson of BlogLovin’
Susie Lau of Style Bubble

me with Lucy from The Fashion Recruit

Carrie from WishWishWish & Lauren from Elle from A Bird In The Hand
Kari from East London Style
Michelle from Daisy Butter, Vicki from The Magpie Girl & Lily from LLYMLRS
It was so nice to finally meet some fellow bloggers... people who have the same passion for design, fashion, style, and blogging! The day was filled with a lot of tip sharing, inspirational stories, and blog info swapping. Here are some of the main points I took away from the panelists:

-Staying true to yourself and your blogs integrity when it comes to working with brands...
-Not being afraid to speak up and renegotiate terms such as payment and context...
-Advertising is one way to make money out of your blog and may not be for everyone...
-And follow your gut instincts when it comes to considering working with a brand...

All in all it was a great day... thanks again Jennine, IFB, and Swarovski for everything and I can't wait for the next blogging related outing!

 ***Today I am thankful for the blogging community I just happened to stumble on a little less than a year ago and all the wonderful things and people I have come to meet because of them***


  1. Sounds great! I love what everyone is wearing :)

  2. So lovely to meet you on Friday. I a great time and it was a really interesting panel discussion.

  3. Great to meet you! fantastic blog - love it! xx

  4. Hey! I dont think I actually met you there unfortunately. I was the girl with the floral hat! Was a great event, I hope there will be more!
    Great blog :)

  5. i would have loved to go to this but couldn't make it...oh and the blogger in the middle is Vicki from the magpie girl :)

  6. the second blogger in the last pic is me! lol.. vicki xo

  7. @Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog
    Lovely meeting you and yay for winning the prize... you deserved it for your great head piece! -JB.

  8. @East London Style
    Thanks and it was nice meeting you too! -JB.

  9. @Annie84

    Awe shame we didn't actually get to meet. I hope so too, I loved meeting fellow bloggers... lets face no one else understands us right? Hope to see you again. -JB.

  10. @Eve Maria

    Awe it's a shame you couldn't make it. Hopefully there will be more and we can next time. Oh and thanks for the bloggers name, will add Vicki's blog to this post. -JB.

  11. @Vicki
    Yay so glad I can add your name and blog to the post now =) It was lovely to meet you and I also secretly fell in love with the glasses you wore that day. Hope to see you at a future blog event! -JB.



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