What's In My Bag???


I don't know about you guys but I just love a snoop inside people's personal spaces... their homes, closets, and purses just to name a few. It's like a secret V.I.P. pass that allows you exclusive access to some body's inner self. I feel you can really learn a lot about someone by what they deem as important to them, the level of organization they follow, and how they decorate/style their most personal spaces. Magazine's have been giving us the inside scoop to all of these areas for celebrities for years, but now thanks to blogging, you can now have a sneak peak into the world's of people you may relate more to. I know I personally feel more connected to the bloggers I follow that have done this post. I also love getting inspiration and organizing tips from fellow bloggers.

So is it any wonder I'm so excited about IFB Project #9? Yep, you guessed it! It's the what's in my bag post!!! I hope you have as much fun with this as I am and hopefully you learn a little bit more about me.
purse: hype (sample sale)

 umbrella, wallet (guess), sunglasses (coach), compact mirror,
roll on perfume (juicy couture),lipstick (clinique),i pod nano,
digital camera (canon), hand lotion (l'occitane),
cell (blackberry storm), and keys 

The purse I'm toting around at the moment is this super practical and stylish black one by Hype. It was love at first sight when I saw the quilting and hardware detailing which make this purse trendy. What I also liked was the that the color, size, and shape balanced it out allowing this bag to be a staple piece as well that would lend itself to multiple seasons. The two way zipper closure and fold over top were an added bonus, making sure my things were safe from falling out (yes it's happened before in cabs!)

The items above are the key things you are sure to find in my purse day to day. Of course somethings may get added in or taken out depending on the size of the purse but I try to have all of these if possible. The umbrella because well let's face it, it's London and you never know when you'll need it. The wallet is the perfect size, really thin, and I love the metallic snake skin. My sunglasses (my first pair of expensive ones) just in case it's sunny out. For my most basic beauty needs I like to have some roll on perfume, whatever shade of lipstick I'm feeling that day, may contact mirror, and some hand lotion. And lastly, the things I feel kind of naked without, my phone, camera, i pod, and keys. So what's this say about me? I'd love to hear your thoughts... and also, let me know what's in your wallet.

 ***Today I am thankful for the variety of purses out there... did you know they are kind of my weakness???***


  1. i like your basic beauty needs, carrying perfume its a great idea and im always carrying 3 different lipsticks! if you wanna check my wallet(: ?


  2. I loveee seeing what other people carry around with them - kind of like I love going through people's bathroom drawers to see what products they use.

    A little creepy? I know! But I hope I'm not the only one.


  3. Such a fun project! :) Love your bag!



  4. Great post! I love seeing what everyone else keeps in their purses - such a great idea for a post :) LOL I am soooo glad so many purses are availble too! I would never be able to stick to solely one :( What a sad thought


  5. @patriciaF
    Yes I definitely agree! If I had to chose, these items would be top priority. Oh and I love your little owl purse... I love anything owls =) JB.

  6. @Katya
    I know, don't you just! It's like the guiltiest of pleasures that most people have yet can never reveal =) JB.

  7. @Plami
    Yea I had fun doing this one... thanks~ JB.

  8. @tiny dancer
    thanks! Yea I recently admitted to myself I am a purse collector lol. JB>.



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