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I went to bed and woke up to the sounds of sirens as the London around me continues to become a war zone. For the first time ever, I took my phone with me on my morning run (irresponsible maybe, but Ive never felt the need to take it before, Ive always felt safe here). The day is outside is chilly and grey, not to unusual... but what is is the lack of people, tourists, and shops open. There is a still in the air that can't be described... erie quite engulfs everything around me in what is usually one of the noisiest and busiest areas of London. The only sound that continues to haunt me is that of endless sirens. For the first time in my life, fear is my motivation and I am extremely alert to everything around me. I feel like I am in a movie, my normal surroundings and environment some how seem very foreign to me. I finish my run but I don't feel good or proud, I feel frustrated and angry still. The smell of burning fires still lingers in my clothes and my face is covered with a grittiness like never before... What is happening???

I wish I could say this was a dream, but sadly it is my reality right now. I am scared, angry and just can't see how people can continue to justify their actions. There is no excuse for looting, destroying property, harming each other... Think of the innocent people affected, all the racial tension this has created, and all for what exactly? This has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, or skin color... this just people being selfish and opportunists from a very unfortunate situation. To think we have come so far throughout the history of humanity, only to end up more barbaric than ever! I am just overwhelmingly disappointed right now and don't know what to think. Hubs and I are safe for now... My heart and prayers go out to all the officers, their families, and all the other innocent people caught up in this. I truly admire those that have banned together and stood up to these sickening criminals.

all pics from here

Things you can do to help:
- If you have any videos or pictures of looting POST THEM!!! You can also help identify any of the looters here.
- Groups are gathering together to clean up the aftermath... more about it here.
- Urge blackberry to help in anyway they can.

***Today I am thankful for the good that is left and hopefully together, we can way out the bad before it is to late***


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