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Ahhh my schedule is all off... but you know what? Hanging out with hubs and the family is soooo worth it!!! Here's a quick look into what's been going on this past week... enjoy! Oh and also, the header should really say one London day and 6 Ringwood days love. Warning: this post will be extremely picture heavy ;)

Thur. 11- Came home and met hubs on the corner of our building to get a quick style shoot in, when we discovered they were removing the billboard that covers our windows!!! It was so windy out that the guys were struggling and ended up accidentally ripping the banner. They were supposed to put up another one but thanks to the wind, they had to leave it bare... we got our view back if just for one day.

Fri. 12- Finally got the ok for hubs to take next week off of work so I packed our bag and homeward bond we go! But not before we had some of the best pizza and pasta from downstairs! They had been on holiday for over a week and we missed them!!!

Sat. 13- Sleeping in was a must on the list of things to do today... so we did. I had a lovely run with my mother in law (sounds so weird calling her that!) and it was the first time I talked while I ran! I usually have a very strict no talking policy but this time it was easy and helped distract from our run. Then we had a yummy bar b q waiting for us when we got back and man was I hungry! Could definitely get used to this...

Sun. 14- A trip to Ikea was planned for today and what an adventure it was! I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) with all that their is in that store that I completely forgot to take pictures. I did however take a ton of my newest baby niece Rosie that I will share instead. Oh and hubs and I scored a lot of goodies for the flat!!! Can't wait to get back to decorate and make it even more ours! On a side note, I had to do my first ten mile run today and hubs was such a dear, he ran it with me... without any previous training!!! It was a perfect way to celebrate our nine months wedding anniversary.

Mon. 15- We got to help babysit both of the nieces today and it was so much fun! I even documented hubs changing a diaper (as proof for future needs). Later hubs and I went into town to rummage around some charity shops and had luck on our side again! We found a bargain of a table with six chairs and some other cool things for the flat. Our flat has gone from being bare to fully furnished in no time!

Tue. 16- Another fun filled and relaxing day... started with some planning of a dinner party for that evening... followed by some coloring... some giggling on the floor with Rosie... and playing on the jungle gym with Lillie... good day indeed!!!

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Wed. 17- So today I rode a bike for the first time since I was kid and let's just say it was successful until I had to ride through a round-about (their versions of intersections). It was a bit scary since I didn't know the rules of when to go, but aside from that I think I'm ready for my bicycle now!!! To end the evening, we all gathered around a bonfire roasting marsh mellows and sipping on some home made long island ice teas... see why I like it here so much?

Awesome- Coming home to stay with hub's family... Riding a bike again for the first time since I was a kid... Running all ten miles non stop with hubs, on our monthaversarry... Bonfires... the smell, the way the fire dances on the wood...

Awkward- My butt being really sore from my bike ride, need a softer saddle... The way hubs was walking from knee and muscle soreness after our ten mile run, kind of like Godzilla... The gnats I accidentally ate on our run, let's just call it protein right...

***Today I am thankful for marshmallows+bonfires... crispy and toasted on the outside, gooey and sweet on the inside***


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