Race For Life...


Race day was great everyone!!! I was really nervous because I was only able to run the full length once before and then didn't get to run at all last week while I was sick so I wasn't sure if I could do it again... I did!!! It was really nice to see how many people, old and new friends, and family came together to donate, support, and send well wishes for me on my race. I was really touched and motivated to try my hardest and not let down all those who encouraged me. I'm still getting over my cold so this race was a hard one for me. I was having a hard time breathing due to my stuffed up nose and kept cramping up but used the crowds cheers to help push past my pain. Another thing that really helped me was being able to read the reason's why and for who the runner's in front of me were running. Thinking of all the different people that have suffered through breast cancer, the pain, their loved ones, my own aunt, and other survivors just made me want to keep going.

I am so happy I was able to participate in this and it has helped make London more like home... just a little something of my own to claim you know? I really liked the energy and over all feel of running for a charity and think I will be signing up for a few more races before the half in September. Any runners out there that haven't tried running a race like this one, I greatly encourage it! Enjoy the pictures below and let me know if you have any questions... I would be more than happy to answer!

P.S.- It's still not too late to donate here.

***Today I am thankful for the warm sunshine that has finally decided to shine it's face on London... maybe summer is here at last!!!***


  1. Wonderful photos! Way to go Jackie! Thank you for sharing these! OXO Natalie



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