The Not So Exciting Week...


*Update: This post and the string of posts to follow were meant to go up over the past weekend but here's what happened... I was done with this post and had a few more in draft forms when I started feeling really sick and feverish. I was going to try and keep going so I could set up scheduled posts as my in laws were visiting this weekend (I was trying to be prepared), when the internet at Starbucks crashed... and then so did I. So I went home and slept... for a couple of days actually... and now I sound like a 60 yr. old smoker... but hubs thinks it's sexy so it's all good!

Hey guys... I'm not feeling too hot today, I think it's the start of a cold or something so I'm going to make this a quick and mainly pictures post. Hope that's ok with everyone... ugh I hate getting sick =( Congrats London, in changing from Fall to well more Fall (Summer where the heck were you?) you managed to get me sick... boo you!

Thur. 18- I have no recollection of what happened today... nor do I have any pictures or written down documentations in my agenda... so Ive come to the conclusion that today just didn't happen and we must have straight from Wednesday to Friday... that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Fri. 19- Sun. 21- A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. C.A.M.P.I.N.G. begins today!!! For a more detailed experience on basically Friday- Sunday... go to Scenes From Camping Bliss. Well that was a freebie!

Mon. 22- Guys... I'm not going to lie... today was pretty much a boring day of playing catch up for being gone all last week. Let's see, I did the usual wife chores: tons of backed up laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, unpacking, reorganizing, groceries, set up my new paypal account, blogged, read some blogs, and got us an appointment with a different internet provider that fingers crossed will come through... unlike Virgin. So yea, nothing really picture worthy...

Tue. 23- My highlight of today was two things... the billboard coming down and going on my very first ever Run Dem Crew run!!! Wow am I a runner now or what? They are this really amazing coed running group I found in my neighborhood and I thought why not try it? I had been wanting to push my running to the next level (keeping up with other people and even talking while running!) and also to meet new people so this ended up being perfect!!! Everyone was really friendly and they had lots of groups to run with depending on your time and pace. This is definitely going to be my new Tuesday night staple =)

Wed. 24- Another boring day guys... sorry. I promise next week will be much better... because I am not going to get sicker and I am going to go out do cool things... not sure what just yet but I'll think of something!

Awesome- After many years of overpriced birth control, free is definitely awesome!!! Falling asleep to the sound of rain hitting the tent... and knowing I'll stay nice and dry... Eating fresh berries right off the bush... I mean who does that??? My first group run ever... with the coolest running group ever, Run Dem Crew... Getting a free coffee from my first Starbucks friend Ben, we are like family the Starbucks crew and I...

Awkward- My hair getting bigger and bigger thanks to the all the salt air and humidity while camping... and also thanks to my Hispanic roots... Being woken up at 6 am by the man outside my window... removing the billboard... need to start closing my blinds people... Getting smacked on the behind by a youngster on a bicycle that couldn't possibly be older than 15 while I was running in the opposite direction...

***Today I am thankful for Starbucks internet that crashed and in doing so, let me crash as well***


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