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Welcome back friends to another round of Thursday's London Love... hope you enjoy and fill me in how your past week went!!!

Thur. 4- Today started with my usual routine of stretches, eating a banana, and going for my scheduled run... five miles kids, and it's actually getting somewhat easy... or at least do-able! But the real highlight of my day, week even was Mexican Sista's Ep.3!!! And since I had already worked out, I felt no guilt in the mojitos and tacos I ate... nope none! Our place of choice this week was Tabuca and here's a quick review:
Food: ***** (tapa style so small portions, good for sharing, and very yummy!)
Service: ***** (super friendly!)
Vibe: **** (festive, small, music a bit too loud)
Drinks: ***** (unique mojito's served in little jugs)
Price: ££ (with drinks)

Fri. 5- Remember all those goodies hubs had brought from his work trip to France for me??? Well we finally ate them (I know it's been like a month but that's just how we roll). We took the bus, because we are bus people now, over the London bridge and set up our little picnic of yummy treats on a low wall and indulged! It was soooo much fun having the beautiful view of the river and feeling all fancy with our french treats and wine. We even got a visitor and hubs gave him some peperoni... it was a perfect date =)

Sat. 6- We had just the laziest lay in day ever... and loved every second of it! On the agenda: watching all of Nip Tuck's season 3, pizza, wine, popcorn, and knitting... could a girl ask for anything more? P.S. I played hookie on my running today... shhh!

Sun. 7- Well what can I say... except that yesterday was soooo much fun just lounging about with my best friend, we decided to do a repeat today! Yes that's right guys, more movie watching, knitting, and minimum bed leaving. I had this massive craving for bar b q ribs and some mashed potatoes so hubs made me some... and we've decided from now on only one of us allowed to be in the kitchen when making mash to avoid future fights. Oh and the dear even got me some Ben & Jerry's for desert... this is love =)

Mon. 8- Today is when things started escalating over here and to be honest, I had no idea how bad the situation was in some areas... lack of internet will do that to you though. I had been wondering why a lot of stores had hand written closed signs on their doors and why the neighborhood, usually bustling with energy seemed to quiet. So I took pictures on my walk home to try and capture that stillness that I encountered.

Tue. 9- As the riots continued, I noticed how greatly it had affected London and Londoner's alike over night. You can read about my morning run experience here. In the spirit of London, here are some really amazing prints I found... each showcasing the best of each area of London. I would love to have one of these in our flat because London can be truly amazing despite what's going on at the moment... Oh and the Columbia Road Flower Market is the one right by us that I'm always photographing! 

Wed. 10- It's been really rough and uneasy week so far. I'm hoping with all my might and praying that things begin to change. The world we live in today, as progressive as it may be, can sometimes shock me right to the very core. I can't help but feel so overwhelmingly sad inside. Trying to make sense of what is happening around me has worn me out. It is reassuring to see the good that comes out in times of crisis as community's unite to help one another... but what really gets to me is that in this case, destruction was caused by man itself. This was no natural disaster that we were unable to do anything about but pick up the pieces in the after math. No this was man destroying and hurting man. I am sharing with you guys some links Ive found that have helped me keep my faith in humanity in trying times like these.

Keep Aron Cutting... an 80 year old barber who's shop was completely destroyed and has no insurance so will have to shut down completely at this stage of his life.

Let's Do Something Nice For Ashraf Haziq... the poor student that was mugged after he had already been jumped.

Riot Clean Up... organized clean ups in the worst affected areas of London and other ways to help.

Awesome- Hubs and I's mutual love for food and each other, a perfect match... Avocado in my morning burrito, can we say yummy... Seeing all the different communities and groups of people come together to put a stop to the nonsense...

Awkward- Carrying around a urine sample cup in my purse on my way to the doctors, this time full... Overhearing a breakup at Starbucks, so hard not to listen... Having an accidental on a very windy day, at least I had cute panties on...

***Today I am thankful for our neighborhood having stayed safe throughout all of the riots, I know this could have been a whole lot scarier***


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