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So it's been about a week now since my cold first started, I lost my voice, and started trying to seduce hubs with any and all low key songs I can think of... but you know what? I'm tired of being sick! So I called the docs this morning and was able to snatch an appointment... yay me! In various stages, my voice has gone from squeaky, to missing, to coming and going throughout my sentences, to fully back but in octaves much lower than usual. Combine that with constant cough attacks (yep I'm that person in public you slowly inch away from), and my nose deciding it's now a faucet and I'm a total mess!!!

So I went to the docs hoping for some drugs to speed this process along...  I mean as much as I love belting Smelly Cat around the flat in what I now call my sexy phlegm voice, I'm sure hubs would rather I not. Doc says... I have good new and bad news...

Good News- it is viral and not pneumonia or anything of that serious nature, it's just a nasty cold...

Bad News- it is viral so there are no drugs I can give you to speed it up and it can take two-three weeks to pass. Drink lots of warm fluids and eat nothing cold.

More Bad News- this "cold" is putting a serious cramp into my running schedule and my half marathon is in four weeks!!!

More Good News- I can milk this for all it's worth and get hubs to pamper poor little me at home with non stop Hot Toddies (see above)... doctors order ;)

***Today I am thankful for hub's hot toddy recipe... just the right amount of sweet, sour, and rum***


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