Amy Winehouse


I know I paid a mini tribute to Amy Winehouse last week on Thursday's London Love post, but I felt that it simply wasn't enough for such a great artist as she was. As soon as Amy stepped onto the scene, she made her presence felt, through her bluesy vocal chords, her unique lyrics, and of course who can forget... her signature style. She is one of the few artists that managed to breakthrough keeping her sound and look true to herself. I don't believe she was ever trying to impress anyone or become the next fashion icon. I think Amy was just herself, and for that I really loved her. Channeling my inner Amy Winehouse can only really be done through the closing of my eyes and feeling the sadness or sassy-ness (depending on the song) rooted deep in her sound. Such a great talent to the music community was lost early. I have a feeling she would continued to do great things... R.I.P. Amy Winehouse.

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The Best Of Amy Winehouse...
Fuck Me Pumps
Wake Up Alone
Know You Now

Please note that everything written above is my opinion and while you don't have to agree, please respect it. Enjoy her music with a glass of wine tonight and let me know your favorite songs of her or if she plays part in any of your memories.

***Today I am thankful for chance to have experienced the great music and sound of Amy Winehouse... thanks little k for introducing me to her way back when***


  1. She was so talented in my opinion. I got my phone in April or 2010 and 'You Know I'm No Good' has been my ringtone ever since. I love her music.

  2. @Rachel
    i know isn't wasn't she just! that's a cute ring tone, would def. make me smile with every call. JB.



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