Life's Many Mottos...


Hi and happy Friday friends!!! To some of you this may mean a break from work, a time to relax and maybe enjoy some outdoor time... not for me though! Today- Monday will be the final stretch of my second project extravaganza Ive had going on over here. Time to pull out all the stops and really go for it! That and let's not forget training for the half... sadly you can't just wake up one day and do it (if only there was a pill or something). So on that note, I leave you guys to bask in your weekend of freedom and with a little reminder for myself (and you too!) that you can do anything, but not everything... always my biggest problem!!!

If you liked that quote, check out my Life's Many Mottos page on Pinterest... I'm always on the hunt for some quirky, inspiring, real life wow quotes... things to help us all get through the rough days. If you have any to add let me know too!

P.S.- I'm at 75% of my fundraising goal for Race For Life... race is next Saturday... donate here!!!

P.S.S- Don't forget to join the give away here.

***Today I am thankful I was able to push myself past my running hurdle and did all 6 miles... bring it on Race For Life!!!***


  1. I really needed a reminder of this today! So glad you joined 'Thursdays are for Thrifters!'



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