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Alrighty so I am a week behind (surprise, surprise) so I'll try to wrap this up with last week as quickly and pain free as possible for both you guys and myself! I shall tackle this week tomorrow. My head hurts trying to think of earlier this week, let alone last week... but with the help of my trusty agenda (remember I'm a dork) I think I can piece it all together again... ah yes we were in Miami still so just pretend the title says Miami/London k? I think I'll make this more pictures and less words if that's alright with you... it is? I thought it would be!!!

Thur. 23- Today was another rainy, tropical stormy, the earth as you know it is gonna end kind of day... my favorite! Probably why there were no pictures of an outfit... it's all starting to make more sense...

Fri. 24- There was a very delicious and traditional Cuban meal today my Tia Mercy's... all the cousins got together and yes, there was more game boards!!! I also got to follow around another adorable baby niece just on verge of walking... who needs kid's of their own? Not me!

Sat. 25- Did a quick Kmart run to check out the summer line's I designed last year and picked up a few outfits for the nieces. But the most important part of the day... Marlena arrived!!! And we were pretty much wearing the same thing, so she changed. We had our ritual of a sushi date and then a movie... twas very fun!!!

Sun. 26- Another lazy and extremely rainy day in south Florida... so Marlena and I stayed in bed and watched Friends all day long while catching up!!! Ah just like our good old college days. So my mom wanted to infuse some her culture's cuisine on us and we went to a Peruvian restaurant for dinner which was amazing!!! Enjoy the pictures and don't be alarmed if your mouth starts to water, it's natural!

Mon. 27- Had to say goodbye to the lovely Marlena but no worries, we shall see each other again at X-mas time! Today was basically a lot of running around, last minute packing, re-arranging things in my suitcase, and saying goodbye to the family. It was a weird experience, I was really sad at leaving them even though I haven't lived at home since college so I'm pretty used to this, and really, REALLY excited to go home (where is home?) and be with hubs again... ah the tangled webs of emotions sometimes can be downright exhausting!

Tue. 28- So after a long flight back over the pond, I made it safe and sound to my hubs once again. And the best most unexpected surprise... he was home to greet me (he was supposed to be at work)... and had tidied up the flat... and brought me back goodies from France... and also bought me flowers and roses that he arranged around the flat in our recycled wine bottles... and the billboard was taken down so we have a pretty good view now!!! Wow that was a lot of excitement hu? So the rest of the day I slept and hubs watched... creepster!

Wed. 29- Well today I was waiting around for Virgin to come and install the internet... our second attempt... and I'm sure you all know by now that it was not successful... grrr! I tried to stay positive and optimistic, but truth be told, I had already mentally prepared myself for the letdown. Letting hubs deal with it and instead let me show you what color I painted my nails and another silly picture of me bored and waiting... yes this is what I really look like at home ;)

So that was last, last week and tomorrow I'll update you on last week... confusing right! I hope you understood, I think I did... anyhow I'm off to some Mexican and lovely ladies so excuse me as I make a mad dash for the margarita... it's calling my name you know! What drinks call yours???

***Today I am thankful that I was able to finish my run in the pouring rain, despite getting soaked from the rain and the buses... also I am thankful for hot showers... and also for the Mexican I will be inhaling later tonight with the Mexican Sista's... phew that was a lot!!!


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