Happy 4th Of July!!!


Well hello strangers! Or am I the stranger for having disappeared for what... like five days??? I know I said I'd be back full force and all but sometimes a wife just needs some one on one time with her hubs after 12 days apart... you know what I mean? Yep we are definitely still in that newlywed stage and making up for each day missed. For whatever reason, hubs and Starbucks (for internet, and coffee purposes for that matter) don't really mix so you'll start to see a pattern of missing posts on the weekends until we get internet at home. Or at least until I figure out how to balance my blogging and get some done before the weekend... I swear I try each week! Well the cutie took Friday off for some much needed us time and a long weekend we had!!!

So I'm back to reality now... you know off of cloud nine... and wanted to wish all my readers (American or not) a very happy fourth of July!!! Now don't think that because I'm over here I didn't celebrate... because I did and spared no patriotism!!! Even down to the American cake I baked... ok I can't lie... I was really hung over and hubs ended up taking over as I directed (won't that be impressive on his citizenship application!). After a lot of little mishaps in the kitchen, we arrived at the picnic two hours late and with a slightly orange and blue cake and me still not feeling too fresh. But no worries, we ate and celebrated anyways and our American picnic was a success!!! There was even a reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance! Near by neighbors were curious...

How did you end up celebrating this year??? With a big bang of a party... or just quite, intimate gathering? Any one else do any cute patriotic things with food, drink, or decor? Share please!!!

***Today I am thankful for having been born a strong and independent American female... with a dash of Latin spice***


  1. That cake came out fabulous! Happy 4th of July!!!

  2. @ivanna Vidal
    i know hubs did a pretty good job hu? thanks and hope yours was good too! jb.



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