15 Days To Go...


Just a quick reminder... remember this post about Race For Life??? Well the race is just a mere 15 days away now and we still have a whole lot of fundraising to do folks! So be a doll (or a gent), and hand over some pennies!!! It's time to dig under couch cushions, reach deep into your pockets for all that loose change, and hand over all those lucky pennies you've been secretly picking up when you think no one's been looking (bet ya someone saw!) Yes even the smallest of donations helps guys so don't be shy... really! Go on over to my page to read why I'm doing what I'm doing and contribute... sorry no dust bunnies allowed though! And just to get you in the mood some more, here are some pink inspirational eye candies for you lucky people you! Enjoy and thanks for helping out!!!

***Today I am thankful for such great races like Race For Life and Race For The Cure that allow me to help in a way possible for me... that and the color pink***


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