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Thur. 2- Today was day one of my house arrest... for further explanation read here. Nothing too significant about today to report... except hub's and I finally watched the third installment in the Millennium Series- The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. It was nothing short of an amazing set of movies I think. The first was still my favorite, but then again isn't it always like that? I'm now thinking I should read the books...

Fri. 3- Day two of house arrest.. again unsuccessful! Starting going a little cabin fever crazy and basically jumped on hub's and nearly knocked him over as he walked through the door that evening. I knitted and started watching season one of Desperate Housewives... myself feeling a little bit like one... just with way less money! I remember when this show first aired I thought it didn't seem that interesting at all. Watching it now though, my first thought is- It's not what I was assuming it would be. And my second thought is-  I kind of like it! Can't wait to start watching season two!!!

pic from here

Sat. 4- We awoke to a rare and beautiful sunny day... so we thought paint the kitchen??? No way!!! Instead we rang up some friends and proceeded to have a balcony bar b q with more meat than is absolutely necessary... though not according to the guys! At one point hub's decides it's time to make a drink run and opts to climb down a ladder to the street underneath instead of using the stairs like most normal people would. He made it in one piece... but sadly his pants did not. Now seems like I have some sewing to do...

pretending to be falling...

finding we removed the ladder...
Sun. 5- Good thing we decided to bask in the sun yesterday... it's all gone today! Another gloomy and grey day in London town... so what did we do??? Enjoyed some delish food of course! I was originally in the mood for a burger and fries when I spied on the menu American Pancakes with American Bacon.... what???? This is indeed a rarity and I took full advantage! And I didn't stop there either... I also ordered a side hash browns and scrambled eggs... I was in heaven. =)

Mon. 6- Another rainy day... surprise surprise! I must admit that I did stay in bed and then moped around the flat for most of the day until hub's came home. There's just something about the grey, rain, cold combination that makes me blue. Hub's came home with this though- Nothing, for the person who has everything... isn't he just cheeky! But it did put a smile on my face and made me rethink some stuff... you know put things into perspective sort of speak. Where does he get these things???

Tue. 7- Today's highlight and anticipation of the day... a very much needed (on everyone's account) girls night out! We had a dinner and drinks date with two of my fave girls, Elan and Shelby!!! We had everyone's first choice... mexican and margarita's... the perfect pair if you ask me! So we did a lot of sharing, bitching, and consoling. It's good to be able to vent sometimes and hear what others are going through you know. Like food for the soul. We've decided to explore all of the mexican joints London has to offer in search for the best... because let's dace it, it's not London's strongest feature. We are the start of the un-official now official Mexican Sista's Club, where we will meet at least once a month to eat, drink, and share. We'll also be rating the places so you can use it as an un-official guide if your ever in the country!

Wed. 8- My third attempt at 3 miles and I am happy to report that it was a whole lot easier this time! That's my favorite part about running I think... when it finally starts feeling fun and not grueling. Too bad I can't get too comfy at 3 miles though... gotta push to 4 miles in a week! Feeling energized I decided to join hub's again for softball. The other team didn't show up so we took advantage and just practiced our pitching, catching, and batting. I'm getting better!!! Think I might become a permanent fixture to wednesday's games and hopefully even win some for the team =)

How has your week been??? I would love to hear your adventures so share away!

***Today I am thankful for the electric man calling my cell to let me know he was downstairs... so easy to do people***


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