3 Day Weekend With Hubs...


Thur. 26- Ok so today I am definitely sore and feeling it all over! My right shoulder especially... probably from all the awesome pitching I did in softball yesterday! Haha... right... so after my run, I mainly caught up on my blog reading while sipping on my all time fave coffee- tall, hazelnut, skim latte please!!!

Fri. 27- Another lazy day, kind of... tried to set up my joint account with the hub's and that was unsuccessful. Turns out that even though it would be a joint account, I need a bill in may name as proof of my address here... only problem is I have no credit here so haven't been able to put any bills or the lease in my name... hmmm how will we get around this silly country's rules???

Sat. 28- Made my love a yummy and nutritious breakfast since he rarely has time during the week to eat a proper one. Then I managed to convince hubs to come for a run with me! Did about a 2 mile walk to the park and then moved up the milage ladder with a 3 mile run!!! And the best news yet, hubs wants to start running more with me =)

Sun. 29- Our main goal for today was to visit one of hub's co-worker's sweet shop that she owns on the side, Suck and Chew... I was so excited when we got there that I forgot to take pics! Vicki's shop is just spectacular... filled with an assortment of vintage style sweets and tins. She insisted on us trying practically everything in the store and even sent us on our way with a goody bag! If you are in the area look her up, you won't be disappointed! The shop happens to be on a street full of vintage shops that leads to an outdoor market and is also where the flower market is every sunday. It was so much fun popping in and out of shops and looking at all of the gorgeous flowers with hubs... we almost even bought some but then realized, we don't have vase or anything to put them in... next time then. Oh and we saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4... phew we did a lot!

Mon. 30- Memorial Day for us Americans... Bank Holiday for the Brits... either way I think most people had the day off which means... another day for hubs and me! So we finally painted... well the room anyways. We still have the kitchen, bathroom, and maybe the hallway... we'll see how far we go. I did the bottom edges ever so carefully while hub's did the ceiling edges and rolled. All in all it was a success and I even won a little paint war we got into that he started... that teach him to mess with me and a paint brush hehe....

Tue. 31- Today was a pretty routine day... start with some stretches and ab workouts... morning run... coffee at starbucks while I catch up on my emails, blog reading/writing, job hunting, etc... some grocery shopping... and then cooking for my hubby.... oh and did I mention I also signed up for the london half?!?!?! Yep that's right folks... training has started! Read more about this here.

Wed. 1- Today is National Running Day!!! So of course I ran... another 3 miler folks =)

How was your week and what have you all been up to???


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