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Thur. 9- Today I was prepared and ready to wait around all day and still miss the electric guy... have to reschedule... and you know, be all mad again just like with Virgin. But to my surprise, I got a lovely phone call bright and early and surprise surprise... it's your electric man to change the meter!!! Not only did he come early, called to be let in, he was also in such a cheery good mood... it was infectious! Hub's asked what had gotten into me since I was all smiley so early (I'm not a morning person) and all I could say was"the electric guys just seriously made my day!" Nice to say that this experience has restored my faith (Virgin don't mess it up when we meet again!) and set my tone for the rest of the day. I was feeling quite festive and even made quesadillas and nachos for dinner... you know since hub's insists on calling me his little mexican... I'm not, I'm cuban+peruvian. Oh and we saw a rainbow today... thing's might be looking up!

Fri. 10- Can't remember for the like of me what I did today... I have nothing written down in my agenda (yep I'm a geek that's writes down what she has to do or did) which leads me to believe that either we skipped over this day all together or I slept through it! Hub's short term memory is starting to get to me too! Geez I can just picture it in a few yrs... "Did you remember the kids?", "I thought you were getting them?!?!"... little Beales having to learn early on to fend for themselves lol. Anyways... I'll just share with you guys some really inspiring pics I took at softball on wednesday... makes me feel so small you know?

Sat. 11-  We decided to make it a graffiti and indian kind of day today. What this means exactly... we went around the hood and took a ton of pics of some the coolest graffiti ever!!! And all of it right in our backyard practically! I just love how colorful and vibrant the pieces are and hunting around for them was so much fun!!! Of course this worked up our appetite and so checked out this indian place called The Empress that we'd heard was better than any of the places on Brick Lane (which a street lined with nothing but indian restaurants) and that is a pretty big claim! So we tried it and you know what... it was! The service was really friendly, the environment was lively, the food was absolutely delicious, and the price was pretty good... all in all I'd say 5 stars out of 5!!! This is compared to four other places we've tried on Brink Lane... definitely a recommend =)

Sun. 12- The main mission for today... get hub's a haircut!!! I'm sure you've  noticed the ponytail he's been sporting lately... maybe even my headband on his head! The last cut he had guys was for the wedding... yep, 7 months ago!!! Now I don't really mind but it's starting to become a real problem for him and his hayfever... all that hair in his face does not help one bit. And it's become a sort of divide at the office... people are stating a very strong like or dislike for it lol. After that was taken care of, we explored around the Spitalfields Market again and had some yummy oysters from a new stand! We then hunted around for some more graffiti and even the rain couldn't stop us! Of course we worked up an appetite again and guess what we found... a real live American Diner called... wait for it... The Diner!!! I was so excited and slightly overwhelmed by all the choices... breakfast or burger or mac and cheese... oh what to do! I finally settled on a burger with avocado, hub's had bacon burger and we shared some cajun cheese fries... oh and let's not forget my bloody mary and his margarita... it was a truly happy ending in my book!

he's a little scared...

look at all that hair!!!

ta-da... so handsome!!!

Mon. 13- I had what I like to refer to as a very domestic monday... where I successfully completed all of my wife chores in record speed! For some odd reason I could not sleep past 5am so figured, why not start the day extra early? I did some laundry, dishes, tidying up, vaccummed, grocery shopped and all before 11am... went for my morning run... headed to Starbucks... and then cooked dinner in heels and a dress!!! Well it's all true except for the dress and heels part but you can imagine it can't you???

Tue. 14- Happy 7 months of marital bliss today... well it almost always it! No but on a serious note, these past months have been the best and I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime. In all of the ups and downs that we have had to endure through out our entire relationship and then marriage, I can't imagine anybody else dealing with me the way this man has. He unconditionally loves and supports me in everything... and for that I am truly blessed! Later I joined my man for softball and we almost won this time! Next time penguins...

Wed. 15- I had a wander in the hood again and discovered some more hidden treasures!!! I love living in this area... no matter how many times you walk around, there is always something new and exciting popping up! There is so much culture and art everywhere! Remember the artist from this post??? Well I saw his exhibit and it's even more amazing than I thought!!! I mean I knew it would be good... but I was seriously blown away. I sneakily took some pics but you really have to see it in person if you can... it's over at Tony's. I also popped into The Bricklane Gallery and saw the Boom exhibit they have on at the moment... another one worth checking out folks!

Well that was that week guys... I see a common theme of food and graffiti going on... what was the common thread in your all's week?

***Today I am thankful for having found The Vintage Emporium... they are open late, have wi-fi, a guy currently playing the violin as I type, and some very yummy scones & hot chocolate***


  1. I LOVE The Diner! M & I go there all the time! Do I smell a double date coming on?!?

  2. @Kathryn
    i think a double date is a must!!! jb.



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