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So as many of you may have read in some earlier posts... I was cooped up at home on both thur. and fri. of last week waiting for the internet set up man... who I might add did not do his job properly as we still have no internet. I called the company (who I shall keep nameless as I am trying to be a good person) to inform them that our buzzer is broken and that they would need to contact me via my cell so that I could let them in. I was assured this would not be a problem and all I would have to do is wait... get this... between 7am-7pm! 

So there I was basically on house arrest and getting a little cabin fever... I wasn't allowed to go running or have my daily coffee and bloggin session or nothing... but I told hub's I would make the ultimate sacrifice (seeing as he has a job and all) if it meant we would finally have access to the outside world again via internet. So I waited... and waited... and waited some more. I kept running down stairs every hour just in case.... and what do I find at 6ish pm... a bloody "sorry we've missed you" card!!!! But I was HOME ALL DAY!!!! 

After a lot of frustration towards the "company" and explaining to the could care less worker on the phone, I managed to reschedule my appointmet for the next day... fri. But as you already know... that proved unsuccessful too! I even left a post it on the buzzer explaining the situation and my cell number! Needless to say by now I am outraged... 2 days of missed everything, cabin fever, and still no internet. So I'll tell you now, it was Virgin.

Well you may be asking by now what is the point of this story on Tue. Tunes day? Because the only good thing that came out of all this is I got to re-watch (yes I've watched everything we own about a bizzilion times by now) Flight of the Conchords. It made me laugh and helped me hold onto my sanity until hub's came home... so now I shall share with you all my favorite songs from the series... and honestly if you've never watched them before... shame on you and drop everything right now and go watch them... I guarantee you a laugh or your money back ;)

pic. found here
fave 15 from season's 1 & 2...

All I have to say is Thank God for Flight of the Conchords!!!


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