Color War...


It's undeniable, two of this summer's hottest colors in makeup are anything purple and anything coral!!! What I love the most is that you can explore from a wide range of shades in these very un-traditional colors to find one that suits you just right! You can't miss with these... whether you go bold and confident or just hint at some color and shimmer. And the best part of this hot new trend, it can compliment all skin color's so no one gets left out. Which will you choose when the time comes??? Knowing me... I'll probably try both!!!

1. Lilacism 2. Nice Is Nice 3. Smooth Sailing 4. Island Hopping 5. Makeup Look 6. Burst Out 7. Up The Amp 8. Makeup Look 9. Burgundy 10. Goes and Goes 11. Jolie Poupee

 1. Braziliant 2. Meet Me At Sunset 3. Clambake 4. Geranium 5. Makeup Look 6. Hibiscus 7. Lady Danger 8. Makeup Look 9. Morange 10. Good To Go 11. Mediteranee

***Today I am thankful that I am a girl... and that I have so many fun makeup options to play with*** 


  1. Ive ordered the essie red colletion home =) Excited to see the result. Youre blog is amazing and Im following and maybe youll visit me some day. =)

  2. @The Bookness
    don't you just love essie??? i ended up buying my pic. for the purples and LOVE it!!! gonna go visit your blog now! jb.



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