Back In The UK...


Hi all! Well Tuesday and Wednesday were spent organizing, packing, and flying... I meant to schedule some posts but was having way too much fun with miss Marleana so you know ;) Just wanted to let you all know that I made back safely and hubs was home to greet me and help lug my heavy bags up our stairs... thank goodness for men and strong muscles! Also I came home to some fancy french things hubs brought back for me and... roses!!! He definitely knows the way to this girls heart. I'm pretty jet-lagged so I'll be doing a lot of sleeping today... be back tomorrow in full swing, promise!!!

Oh and don't forget to donate... Race For Life!!!

***Today I am thankful for hub's roses in wine bottles and the banner outside our windows being taken down... did I mention we live behind a billboard???***


  1. You're too pretty. That is all. Oh an also - glad you had fun and the hubs got roses, how sweet!



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