Alexi Murdoch...


Alexi Murdoch is one of those artists that has somehow managed to sneak onto my itunes... I have no idea how he got there, but am so grateful he did!!! You know the type I'm talking about??? I'm sure we all have our fare share sneaky faves right?!? I first un-officially heard of him (as in I didn't know it then) in Garden State (one of my top picks in movie viewing). I remember this soothing calm that just overcame him when I heard the smoothness of his voice and how perfect it suited the scene.

Then the other night, hub's and I were watching Away We Go (another lovely indie film) and bam... that soothing voice of his! And not just once, but many times throughout the movie! Each scene was perfectly chosen and entwined in meaning with the lyrics of the specific song... it brought me to tears (hub's thought it was cute). I literally dived for my laptop where I was happy to find I had a lot of the songs already and just hadn't heard them in ages! Filled to the brim with curiosity, I also checked out the bonus features (cause I'm a bit of a geek like that) to get the skinny on why so much Alexi...

Turns out the director had the same mind blowing experience when he first heard of Alexi and made it a point to feature his songs as much as possible... and might I just add in my (expert) opinion... he couldn't have chose better!!! I'm sure you already know this by know, but just in case you didn't... he's on repeat for the next foreseeable future!

pic. found here

So you as in love as I am yet... just wait for it to all sink in... oh and check out both movies... oh yea and lastly (sorry I'm so spastic today)  I dedicate the first song- All My Days to the hubster for terrifically adoring and loving me each and every day so far... he's my lobster!

***Today I am thankful for my hub's... 7 month's of marital bliss... well almost always ;)***


  1. Dang, I totally remember him from that soundtrack! I am going to have to buy me some more of his songs...



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