Back In The UK...


Hi all! Well Tuesday and Wednesday were spent organizing, packing, and flying... I meant to schedule some posts but was having way too much fun with miss Marleana so you know ;) Just wanted to let you all know that I made back safely and hubs was home to greet me and help lug my heavy bags up our stairs... thank goodness for men and strong muscles! Also I came home to some fancy french things hubs brought back for me and... roses!!! He definitely knows the way to this girls heart. I'm pretty jet-lagged so I'll be doing a lot of sleeping today... be back tomorrow in full swing, promise!!!

Oh and don't forget to donate... Race For Life!!!

***Today I am thankful for hub's roses in wine bottles and the banner outside our windows being taken down... did I mention we live behind a billboard???***


Color War...


It's undeniable, two of this summer's hottest colors in makeup are anything purple and anything coral!!! What I love the most is that you can explore from a wide range of shades in these very un-traditional colors to find one that suits you just right! You can't miss with these... whether you go bold and confident or just hint at some color and shimmer. And the best part of this hot new trend, it can compliment all skin color's so no one gets left out. Which will you choose when the time comes??? Knowing me... I'll probably try both!!!

1. Lilacism 2. Nice Is Nice 3. Smooth Sailing 4. Island Hopping 5. Makeup Look 6. Burst Out 7. Up The Amp 8. Makeup Look 9. Burgundy 10. Goes and Goes 11. Jolie Poupee

 1. Braziliant 2. Meet Me At Sunset 3. Clambake 4. Geranium 5. Makeup Look 6. Hibiscus 7. Lady Danger 8. Makeup Look 9. Morange 10. Good To Go 11. Mediteranee

***Today I am thankful that I am a girl... and that I have so many fun makeup options to play with*** 


Home Where The Heart Is...

Thur. 16- I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off all day!!! I had so much to get in order before my flight... do all my wife chores to make sure hubs would be ok for the couple of days while I was gone... run some errands... make some phone calls for house stuff... pack for me, pack for hubs... all together a lot of boring things that just needed to get done. But I did manage to squeeze in some fun. I signed up for the Race for Life 10K in London (I did Race for the Cure in NYC twice for my aunt). I also popped into the Central Saint Martins Degree Show and saw some very inspiring work! I then shimmied (literally) over to The Vintage Emporium that hubs and I found the other day and continued to use their wi-fi while munching on yummy scones and sipping their exquisite hot chocolate... did I mention some guys started playing a guitar, banjo, and violin while singing some good old folk and stomping their feet??? It was magical!!! Then hubs and I went home to spend some quality time before I departed.

Fri. 17- My journey began really early today and lasted pretty much all day!!! I stumbled out of bed and kissed a sleepy hubs goodbye for the next 12 days. This is our first official time spent apart since we've been married (not counting the 4 months after our wedding waiting for the visa). What I mean is that this is the first time that we are choosing (well kind of) to be apart after so many years of the dreaded long distance. But I am happy to be going home and see my family so I can't complain. So after an hour and a half of the tube, 9 hours and 4 movies on a near empty flight, and 30 minutes of waiting around for delayed luggage, I was finally home and in the arms of my parents!!! Which was then quickly proceeded by me falling asleep due to severe jet lag.

Sat. 18- Not many people know this but my grandfather passed away on April 8th of this year. I've been struggling with whether or not to write about it on here and decided it would be healthy for me to share and talk about it some. One of the biggest reason's I wanted to come home now was to help in the clearing of his house and basically have some closure... living far away, I don't think it had really set in. I will be dedicating a post to him in the future but for now I just wanted to share some shots of the tons of cool pictures we found in an old vintage suitcase of his. They are amazing, black and white, sepia, 70's orangey, and just plain amazing. I discovered a whole new side to this man I called my abuelo for so many years. Two things I'm certain of: 1. They traveled a lot... and 2. They were madly deeply in love! The cousin's and I went to The Local for dinner that night... it was nice to be with family.

Sun. 19- ahem... Happy Father's Day to my daddy and all the other wonderful father's out there!!! It was so nice to be home for this... I haven't been home for an actual one in years! I actually can't remember when the last time I spent father's day with my dad was! He is just the absolute greatest and probably because of this, I am such a daddy's girl!!! We had a great day cooking up a storm and playing board games... with my dad and aunt backseat playing lol. Check out this past Sunday Link's I dedicated to my papi... it's all Beatles and there are some great pictures of us too!

Mon. 20- I did a lot of random things today... non of them worth mentioning really... except the highlight of my day... seeing my nephew after so many months away!!! I got to visit little Joshua along with my cousin and godmother for some much needed catch-up! Can you tell this aunt's slightly obsessed with him??? How can you not be... look at those big eyes, cheeks, and smile! He is just the sweetest baby and I am so sad I won't be around to watch him grow up more regularly... thank goodness for facebook and twitter!!!

Tue. 21- I have definitely been enjoying myself at home!!! Nothing but good food and even better company!!! To illustrate I thought the below pictures would be appropriate. My lunch, in what I like to call an eclectic collection of all things I love... that my mom got for me! What to eat first... why I chose??? I'll just sample it all: grapes, cream cheese shusi rolls, multi-grain tortilla scoops with spicy salsa, multi-grain crackers with hummus, pistachios, and freshly squeezed orange juice... yum! And the company, well you've heard me talk about the family a great deal already this week... but these guys are two of my favorites and just as important as the rest... Caramel and Jamba. Caramel is a chihuahua mix we've had for 13 yrs, but don't let age fool you! He's as feisty and lively as he was years back. And Jamba is a german-shepard we've had for 5 yrs... she is lovable and has so much personality you wouldn't believe! Glad to have them around for this week... a girl's best friends =)

Wed. 22- Remember these cuties??? Well I got hang out with them all evening long! I had dinner at my godfather's and the whole gang came over to greet me. I got to mingle with all of cousin's and their adorable little gang aka my models. We had a blast catching up (the adults) and playing all kinds of gun games (the kids). There was even a new version of arm wrestling I'm pretty sure that we made up and I got to see a really cool video that Jenny (one of the mommy's) put together during the shoot. I have to figure out how to upload it, but don't fret... it shall be done real soon!

So to wrap it up some... it's obviously not Thursday anymore but we can pretend... just as obvious, not all of this post was lived in London so the title should really be Friday London/Miami love... I have seen a lot of family... eaten a lot of good food... and gotten my complete fill of babies/toddlers/kids until my next visit at Xmas!!! What have you been up to???

***Today I am thankful for the wonderful babies, toddlers, and now kids in my life... who needs kids of their own when I can just spoil these***


Thinking Pink & Race For Life...

Hi everyone! It's that time of the year again... time to think pink, promote breast cancer awareness, and help me raise funds... oh yea and there's the running bit I have to do too! I'll be running in  Race For Life's 10K this summer, July 30th in London, so come out and support if your in the neighborhood! Details of my race time and location can be found on my page so check it out!!!

Those that know me already, I am happy to announce that my aunt has now been cancer free since she started her chemo back in 2009!!! By the end of this year, she will officially be in the all clear remission stage!!!!!!

Now let me back up for those of you that don't know the whole story... My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Living far away from home and feeling helpless, I searched online for ways to help until I came across Race For The Cure by Susan G. Komen and signed up. Now I had never been by any means a runner and this was a huge deal for me fitness wise. I successfully channeled all of my fears and anger into running for my aunt and raised money along with awareness for the cause... and what's more, I fell in love (sometimes) with running!

From this first race, I became committed to raising breast cancer awareness, fundraising, and running. My aunt continued to get better and I was able to raise even more money for the 2010 race. Now having relocated to London, I was really excited when I found Race For Life, another organization in the UK dedicated to the same cause. No matter where I may be in the world, I will continue to promote, fundraise, and run for the cause!!!

Now you too can help by donating online any amount you can spare. Remember it all counts and even the smallest of donations are greatly appreciated. Did you know that breast cancer affects everyone either directly or indirectly... a friend, co-worker, or loved one... So let's band together and fight breast cancer!!!!!!

my first race in nyc... 2009
my second race in nyc... 2010
running with friends in nyc... 2010
my aunt next to me at our wedding... 2010

***Today I am thankful for organizations like the one's mentioned above that have allowed me to help in a way possible for me... and for introducing me to running***


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