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Geez I'm behind again! Well it is at least thursday so I'm just going to catch you up on the last 2 weeks and we'll just skip over the rest hu? Not having internet at home is harder than I thought... I feel so disconnected from the world lol.  Oh well at least I get to reminisce on my b.day week, yes I made it a point to celebrate the entire week, so I guess it's ok.... It was great! I turned 26, had family visiting, and well... you'll see!

*P.S.- this is a loooong one and will be updated in the future...

Thur. 21- My cousin Ariel flew over from the states and so little k and I took him on a lovely London walk jam packed with gorgeous architecture, historical and touristy sites, and beautiful scenery.We passed a few outdoor markets, climbed 311 steps to get to the top of The Monument, saw the Court of Justice, some neat statues, and walked along the Thames river...

Later that evening we made our way to Cuba Libre, a Cuban reasturant I found (you have to appreciate how truly rare any kind of hispanic food is over here!) and insisted on celebrating at to get my taste of home again. There was endless tequila, margarita's, tappas, and such a good gathering of friends and family... both old and new, it was truly fabulous!!!! After we carried the party on bar hoping and dancing... I couldn't have asked for better =)

Fri. 22- Day of actual birthday was spent recovering from previous night's celebrations... no pics! Oh but my baby niece was born this morning and now get's to forever share to most specialist day ever with me and Earth!!!

Sat. 23- Headed down to the coutryside to visit hub's family, meet baby niece, and celebrate Easter but I forgot my camera charger and battery died... grrr!!! Must gather pics. from other's and later post!!! Anyways today was spent floating down a lazy river with family and soaking up some glorious sun... we may have also damaged some salmon... but not really ;)

Sun. 24- Happy Easter!!! Did the traditional Beale Easter Egg Hunt and I swear Ben's mum get's better and better at hiding those eggs each year! Overdosed on chocolate and had an amazing bar b q in the garden... life is good!

Mon. 25- Back in London and off to more sight seeing... covered St. Paul's Cathedral, walked along the river bank and saw Big Ben, the London Eye, and Parliament! And after all that fun... moving time!!! That meant lugging suitcases across London and if you know me, you'd know this isn't the first time I've moved like this!


Tue. 26- Let's be honest... I just slept all day basically while hub's worked so not really anything to report here... I was soooooo tired from the move! 

Wed. 27- Explored my new area and LOVE IT!!!! I'm so happy we got this flat and there is so much to do within walking distance. It felt good to rejoin civilzation. Oh and this was the day I found my starbucks aka my new office!
Thur. 28- When this post should have gone up... =/ But I was busy trying to catch up with the previous week... oh bother!

Fri. 29- The Royal Wedding was going on and hub's got the day off... oh and I became stricken with horribleness of hayfever... a brief description, my nose would not stop running or sneezing and my eyes were overwhelmed with burning and itchiness... it was awful =(

Sat. 30- The hayfever continues... hence no style pics... I mainly stayed indoors hiding from the wind, pollen, and all things pretty much. Oh and hub's brother's came to visit and I kept apologizing for my red nose.

Sun. 1- I finally ventured out and met Elan for some good old american style brunch!!! It was kind of our thing back in NY and we are bringing it over! Had some delicious (although small compared to the home's) bluberry pancakes and had to explain to the waiter what a mimosa was... oh how I miss my brunch rituals! Then had some wine and pringos in the park... cause it's just what we do!

Mon. 2- Anther bank holiday... meaning no work for the working people... meaning just another lazy day for me only I get to enjoy it with the hub's and others! Went to the TEA Building which I just happen to live across from and had a wonderful day of food and amazing cocktails on a gorgeous roof top... reminded me of NYC!!!!

Tue. 3- Hayfever returns so I hid under my covers all day...

Wed. 4- Finally got back to "work" or my starbucks and searched for jobs online... applied, applied, applied... no leads yet... anyone want to hire me???

Thur. 5- And I'm finally caught up!!!! Hopefully I will be able to keep a more regular posting regime while I am internet-less but no promises folks... I am in severe need to catch up on my blog readings and there's that little matter of looking for job's that keeps interrupting my fun! Happy Thursday everyone =)


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