Sad Girl...


I woke up today eager to get ahead on my blogging for the weekend by starting some posts, you know to have everything ready to go or just needing last minute details, when the worst happened... blogger had a massive meltdown or something!!! I't's been down all day and just started back up as I'm ready to head home. So needless to say I didn't get ahead any... but I did get to catch up on all my much needed readings so I feel some what accomplished... but why still sad you may ask? Because in this meltdown, 2 of my posts from yesterday have gone missing!!! I'm not sure if blogger will recover them or not but I just don't have the heart to re-write them now. Instead I will hold my breath, cross my fingers, and wait and hope they do. They were such good ones too, you would've liked them... about yellow flowers and about our love nest... =(

That's all I have to say for now... sigh. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. i never realised what blogging meant to me until these 2 past days where I couldn't read others' blogs :D
    my posts were fortunately recovered!hope the same for yours!

  2. @Penny
    Hi Penny! I know what you mean! I felt lost and upset I couldn't read other's blogs or update my own... mine were finally recovered and thanks for your lovely comment =)



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