Hello all! First let me start by saying... I saw Mr. Obama leaving the palace today!!! Must say, I have a bit of a crush now, his smile is dazzling and he just looked to friendly as he waved at us through his tintish car window... sigh! Unfortunately, I only had my phone on me (and it was dying) so while I did get some pics, they aren't the greatest... my memories will have to do. Will post as soon as I can!

OK now that I've just gushed that all out (I was just dying to share with someone!!!), onto music! It was around this time of year about 2 yrs ago that hub's, friends Anna, Rachel, Rory, and myself attempted to go see MGMT at McCarren Park Pool and failed... well kind of. Just one of the reasons I loved and miss NYC dearly... the free music in the park programs they have in the summers. When we found out that MGMT were playing... for free... and inside the old, now emptied pool of the park... well we were thrilled!!!!

Rory did it right and woke up extremely early and headed down by his lonesome to the park. We laughed at this and leisurely took our time getting ready, heading down, and then we sat it... the line to get in was wrapping around 2 blocks twice!!! We waited and moved forward in line, to no avail... Rory got in... we weren't laughing anymore. But since it was an out door thing, we stuck around and swung on the swings jamming out to to the music and every time the swing went high enough, I was able to catch a glimpse of the band!!!! Oh did I mention it was pouring and hub's decided we all needed to wear trashbags for protection... we rocked those trashbags!!!! I can honestly say it was a great day none the less and I will always think of us swinging in trashbags when I hear MGMT... hope you will too! I will post pics of this tomorrow for your entertainment!

my fave 10...

Have any artists or bands that really jar up some good old memories??? Share with me! And let me know the memory too if you wanna.


  1. Whooo yay for you! That is so exciting! And I love MGMT. Everytime Electric Feel pops up on my shuffle I start jammin haha:) Great post!

  2. @Renee B.

    I know right! There's something truly magical about them... jb.



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