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Hey guys! Another week gone by and I just can't believe we are coming into summer already!!! Maybe because I have yet to wear my legs bare since that one fatefully warm day back in the beginning of the month... boo London weather!!! It's actually very grey and very wet outside as I type all bundled up from inside my Starbucks... that's right, I'm claiming it as my ow! Alright let's see what I've been up to yea???

Thur. 19- Since I've had so much time on my hands, I started trying to focus more on the things that make me happy and leave me feeling accomplished. It's hard work trying to stay positive when life keeps throwing the occasional curb balls... I think exercise and a healthy diet affect me tremendously and so I've decided to tackle both head on! Food-wise, I'm doing my best to eat healthier and drink less. Exercise-wise, I am committing to running 4 days a week to build my stamina again... even contemplating running the London half... stay tuned!

my shoes after the brooklyn half last year...
Fri. 20- Having set my eyes and heart on the new white i phone 4g, I spent most of the day looking for cute phone covers and you can see them all here! Oh and hub's and I headed to his parent's for the weekend for a nice little get away... ah relaxing!

Sat. 21- We spent today visiting some local charity shops on the hunt to find wonderful treasures to furnish our new but still bare home. We saw a lot of potential pieces but decided we needed to organize another proper trip at a time when hub's dad could drive us and our finds back into the city. I did manage to snag a really cute bedside table... I plan on changing out the knobs!

Sun. 22- Happy 1 month baby Rosie!!! My baby niece that was coincidentally born on my, just 26 years after, turns 1 month today! I can't believe how big and lively she has gotten in just a month! I'm really happy I'll get to see a lot more of her growing up since we're in London now. Lillie aka big sis now is loving her little one... and can now count to 3 and say hello in spanish... I'm glowing with pride!

Mon. 23- Back in the city and back to the swing of things! Exploring around my new hood, I happened upon this pop up art exhibit and was instantly blown away!!! I couldn't take any pics but got some of the web for you guys to see... def. go check out Hugh Miller! I'm not one for landscapes but really loved the abstract way he went about his paintings... new before 30 goal... buy a painting!!!

Tue. 24- I SAW MR. OBAMA TODAY!!!! It was such a bizarre feeling, I've never been one to be star struck and all that... and yet there I was... waiting by the palace gates for 2 hrs... just to catch a glimpse through semi tinted windows of my president... and now I have a giddy, school girl crush! I assure you I was able to see more than the pics lead on... all I had was my phone camera and it was dying! I did see him and he flashed a dazzling smile at me and waved... it was awesome!!!


Wed. 25- Still star struck from yesterday... you'll have to ahem, excuse me... Hub's work has softball team and we went out to cheer them on! They were short girl players so I even got to play for a bit! I even managed to hit the ball and run to first base... where I was tagged out =( Still had a lot of fun and contemplating maybe joining a team??? I've never been the athletic type, but then again I used to hate running so... maybe!

 What were you all up to this past week???


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