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Happy Monday everyone!!! How did the weekend treat you all? I must say mine was pretty good... got some more things for the flat and just enjoyed the nice weather since it is so unpredictable in good old London =) As all the laid out plans of men and mice... we have yet to paint. Colors are picked though and I'm putting together a post of how the flat looks now and possible decor styles we are considering so you can track our progress... the art of creating our first love nest!

Although I am really excited to just jump in and start decorating, it has been quite a challenge... for starters I am a very girly girl and all of my bedrooms in the past have had a very heavy pink theme to them... the hubs is not really to thrilled at the idea of living in a pink room (I am pushing for a pink kitchen so fingers crossed!) So how to incorporate a more coed vibe while still keeping true to my girly roots, well folks I've been searching everywhere for inspiration and think we may have found something!!! The key is to add hints of pink in details here and there, just subtle enough so hubs doesn't feel embarrassed having the guys over.

Another challenge I've encountered, the hubs has a very keen eye for design, a very strong opinion, and WANTS to be involved! I know this may look like the dream scenario ladies, and it is kind of cool to be able to collaborate on this with him... but it's exactly that, a collaboration. It's like wanting him to be involved in the wedding but only really if he agrees with everything you like... sigh. But no worries, I think this may turn out to be my best project so far.

Ok so your probably wondering about the title of this post, Coco & Hearts, or maybe not... but anyhow, since I've been on my decor soul searching kick, I have been following a lot of decor based blogs. One of my all time faves is MadeByGirl by Jen Ramos, possibly one of the coolest gals out on the blogging scene! I have been religiously going her site and taking notes since the day I found her blog and am so excited to finally be able to use all them!!! And to make things even sweeter, she just recently launched her own line of paintings and I want about all of them to spruce up my place! Check her paintings out at Coco & Hearts and snatch yourself up a pretty little thing before they all get sold out.
 *P.S. Jen if you read this, many thanks for all your inspiration and I LOVE your closet!!!


  1. hey jackie! i found you on made by girl. we did a post on her amazing art too. rosado is my favourite, but aren't they all beautiful!!?
    your blog is awesome. so happy to follow you!

  2. @Love Design Company
    Thanks for checking out my blog and glad you like it!!! Yea Made By Girl is such an inspiring blog isn't it? Well I took a look at yours and it's super cute too, def. gonna be looking there for decor inspiration from now on =) Keep up the good work!

  3. @Love Design Company
    hi lindsay! isn't her art the prettiest??? thanks for you comment and your blogs looking pretty cute too! just became a follower =)



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