Avett Brothers...


Wanna know what's been on repeat for the past couple of days for me... the Avett Brothers!!! I love their mellow, folksy, and catchy sound soooooo much I just can't resist but use them to do my morning stretches... then again while I'm working on stuff... now while I'm typing this post... and to fall asleep to!!! Over kill, maybe but I just can't help myself =) You know when you find a band/artist you really love, listen to them endlessly, and then kind of forget about them, refind them and it's like heaven all over again... yep that's where I am now.

My 10 fave...

What are your thoughts on the boys... do you just absolutely love them like I do??? I hope so! Also got any artists you feel this strongly about... I would love to check them out!


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