Work Day...


Today I will be in my own little cocoon working on a project... so that means no time for fun posts or wear it*wednesday, oh boo! But to help keep myself motivated (and make my deadline) I promise to post my project once I'm all done so check back later =)

I've got babies on the brain... and no NOT to have them so relax!!! I'm talking clothing, fashion, and newborns... I am venturing new territory here (with the newborn size range I mean) so no telling how this work out... could be fabulous... or could be something else all together.

I'm off for my morning run...


  1. Ohhh sounds super exciting! Can't wait to see what you're working on! xoxo

  2. hehe this post just got me motivated to get to work, so thank you! i wishhhh it would motivate me to go running because i realllly should! good for you though!

    also, thank you for the compliment on my guest post at the daybook <3

  3. @Renee B.
    yay i like your enthusiasm... hope you like it!!!

  4. @A Lost Feather
    great i'm so glad cause we all need motivation from time to time ;) loving your blog by the way!!! i just moved from nyc and didnt realize how beatiful and close long island was to me all that time! oh well i'll be back one day!



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