A Royal Wedding...


Alright folks, I've reached my blogging limits for today... almost caught up but not quite hu? Just realized there's this royal wedding happening tomorrow and hub's will be off of work fri. and mon. so I might disappear for a bit again. We have sooooo much to do at the new apartment so Im thinking my weekend will look a little like this: sleeping in, painting, getting some furniture, figuring out where the best place to check out the royal wedding is from, and hanging out with friends! I'm a little nervous to see how hectic London might get with all the hype... apparently people have flown from all over the world and are camping out to try and catch a glimpse of the royals... crazy! With all the hoop-la going on I will say this, I have never ever seen so many british flags and patriotism around here... feels like home (u.s.a.) So I bid you all farewell for now, and leave you with a british beat boxing video the hub's and his work did just in time for the royal wedding =)

Happy Royal Wedding!!!


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