Kiss Me Forever...


Hello all! Not much to report today... I've been pretty busy and actually got to tick off all of the things on my to-do list today!!! Don't you just LOVE when that happens... yay for me! Some things on my list were pretty domestic... laundry, cleaning the flat, grocery shopping. Others we're more me like running and cooking the hubs a healthy meal =)

Well I'm off to bed... got some more flat viewings for tomorrow and have to finish some work in there as well... not to mention compiling some awesomeness for you all for tue. tunes!!! So I'm leaving you all with this video little K shared with me, claiming the main character is hub's french superstar doppelganger (her words not mine). I love me some pale, skinny European men hu???

Don't worry hubby, your dance moves are way better than his ;)


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