Jackie Meet Jackie...


Alright so I know that it is definitely way past thursday... but I'm trying to get back on track so just bare with me for the next couple of posts... I bet they will be worth it!!!

The main focul point of this weeks catch up is... I met my other twin and her name is Jackie as well!!! Apparently we were out in the same pub on thursday and because we are both small, happen to look alike, AND have the same name, people kept coming up to her and talking to her as if she was me! Hilarious I know and it got even better when we finally met and got chat and take pictures together... she was a sweetheart and such a good sport =)

Jackie meet the other Jackie

Friday was pretty low key and luckily the end of the weekend... not that it means much to me, just that my few friends are finally free to play with me!!! Saturday I met up with my first friends ever in london from over 4 yrs ago... Shelby and Kathyrn whom I met when we were all living abroad a long, long time ago, both american! We met up for a proper english picnic since the weather was nice (meaning in the 60's) at Cheswick House and Gardens and it was lovely!!! Such nice weather, company, and snacks... we ended the day with a walk along the river and captured some beautiful views of the panorama!

the american's in london...

 Sunday was filled with more browsing along Camden Markets, eating yummy food, and some shisha!!! Found some cool dresses, the hubs got some second hand jackets, and we even ate some donuts... shhh so not good for us! My absolute favorite part was trying my very first turkish wrap which was delish!!!!!!

And as you all may know (or maybe not) the majority of this past week has been mainly spent on my project, Sea Shore Fun, that is finally done!!! I did have a couple of flat viewings along the road and.... we got out apartment!!!!! More details on that in the very near future!!!

 How was your weekend spent???


  1. Love that picture of us!! <3 And you found a flat - yippee! Can't wait to hear all about it

  2. @Kathryn
    i know isn't it such a great pic!!!



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