The Handwriting Game...


Hello all! I saw this cute little game sometime last week on the lovely blog ohrenne*design by Renne and  just knew I had to participate... just a matter of when. So I am finally caught up with life and blog so I thought, hey why not now?

wouldn't be me if it didn't have white out all over it!
This is basically how it works... just answer the following 8 questions and voila! You are now playing along too =)

1.  Your Name - Blog Name
2.  Your blog URL
3.  Write: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog
4.  Favorite Quote
5.  Favorite Song
6.  Favorite Musicians/Bands
7.  Something you say...
8.  Tag people for the game
My tags or basiaclly the people's handwriting I'ld like to see are: 
* Heather from Whimsy Prints
* Shelby from Traveling Texan
* Sarah from A Lost Feather
* Sydney from The Daybook


  1. haha, hey nothing wrong with a little white out!



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