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Hello lovelies! Hope this Thursday finds everyone well and in high spirits for the weekend. As always, here are my weekly adventures for you all. What have you guys been up to?

Well the weekend found me in the country with my hubby's family and sadly I forgot my camera so I wasn't able to take any pics... oh boo! But the weekend was spent in great company, catching up over good english food and my father in law's favorite (first time Ive said that!) cuba libre's!!! Those of you that may not know, cuba libre (which means free cuba) is a delicious drink that consists of rum and coke with a dash of lemon... oh so refreshing! I also dabbled in the art of trying to teach my 2 yr. old niece some basic spanish... though I fear I might be confusing her. Only time will tell ;)

This week Ive kept a pretty low profile actually, searching the web for apartments and jobs... honestly I feel like a broken record! Well there's good news and bad news... the good news is that I am finally starting to see appropriate jobs on the market!!! I have applied for 4 so far so fingers crossed for me! The bad news, when it comes to apartments it's slim pickins. I guess I'll just have to keep searching until something great comes along... my friend Elan keeps insisting everything will fall into place at the same time and I want to believe her... we shall see.

Alright enough of me babbling on and on... it's time for what you really came here for... pictures!!! So while I was out on a flat viewing, I literally discovered the Camden Passage Market. I can only describe this as a magical alley way filled with the most wonderful antique shops and little outdoor markets. I found myself in a kind of awe filled state, wandering from shop to shop just marveling at all the trinkets and sparkly things. I'll share with you one of my favorite stores, Decorexi and although it wasnt entirely vintage, it is just such a glamorous girly girl store that I fell in love! I especially loved their chandeliers... I want to get one for my future closet one day ;)

Another thing Ive been fitting into my oh so hectic and busy schedule are strolls through the park and some much needed bench soul searching time. The weather is finally warm enough to not need a jacket and bless London, it's actually been sunny!!! I hope I'm not jinxing it all away with this post but let me just share with you guys some of the gorgeous scenery I have had the pleasure of taking in...

Angel Tube Station: longest (90ft.) escalator's in Europe... i climbed them!

Again, sorry for the lengthy post, both in words and pictures but I hope you liked it!


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