Looking Back At 2010...


Sometimes it's hard to not focus on all the things you didn't get around to doing, instead of patting yourself on the back for all the great things you did accomplish... I have that problem at times, do you? While I was visiting hubs back in January, I started getting blue about all this and decided that this year would be different.

But then being the amazing hubs he is, he started pointing out all of these things that I had done and you know what, I did do some pretty great things last year! I found that when I really sat back and went through the previous year, I did do a lot of things that I am proud of... big and small. So with this in mind, I came up with this idea for a blog post... A celebration of me in 2010 to remind myself that I have done it and can do it again!!! I encourage everyone to try this and see how good you walk away feeling.

So with out further ado, ME as Jackie L. in 2010... well most of it anyways ;)

January- quit my first job & started at a new company!!!

February- said good bye to one of my all time fave roommates... Rachel!!!
March- ran my first half marathon EVER!!!

April- I turned 25 in stride & with style...
May- ran my 2nd half marathon... now I'm a REAL runner =)
June- when fashion meets the streets... enjoyed summer in NYC!
July- the most perfect date ever... ended with a proposal!!!
August- rode the world's tallest & fastest roller coaster... meet Kingda Ka
September- ran my 2nd annual Race for the Cure in celebration of my Aunt!!!
October- said goodbye to NYC, my new job & single life!!!
November- married my Best Friend!!!
December- Rang in the holiday season with my new family... the Beales
So there you go... the highlights of each month in pictures... what did you do last year, I'd love to know!!!


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