I'm British!!!


So remember that thing that I've been ever so patiently waiting for... yep that's right... MY VISA IS HERE!!!!!! It actually got here yesterday, and I actually got an email the day before (thur.) telling me about my acceptance and that it should arrive soon... but I didn't want to jinx anything and decided not to tell anyone (except for Ben, my parents, and little k) until I had the actual, physical, visa in my hands. A little extreme I know, but you know when your about to get the everything you've been wanting for the past five and something years... I just wanted to protect it until it was 100% real... and now it is!!!!!!

Well I called the hubs straight away and made the mistake of telling him while he was at work, so of course due to his reaction, well let's just say some brits may have also found out... but not through me! And then his status changes to "my wife is british" although I told him to keep it quite for now.. but he reassures me no one will be able to break through his super duper crypt message... Stacey congrats me later that night, apparently she has super duper crypt message breaking powers!

So here I am bursting with all kinds of emotions... shock, thrill, excitement, nervousness, you name it... I felt it... dying to share my news with someone and being good while he's pre-celebrating lol. But now it's my turn and I could not be more ecstatic to inform you all that I Jackie Beale am British!!!!!
That's right... I'm British!!!

Yep I have British Red Lipstick...
Thanks to all the love & support everyone has shown Ben & I throughout the years... we couldn't have gone this far without it!



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