Recipe: Pork Chops & Herbed Rice...


This past year, my old NYC roommate and I got really into cooking! After so many long hours at a desk, I found it very relaxing to just lose myself in the recipes... not to mention how much healthier and yummier I was eating too! Thanks to this great cookbook I found, it made cooking a lot easier and much more enjoyable.

This book has great pictures for almost all of the recipes and they are very easy to follow. I really had never tried full blown cooking before and now here I am... a chef!!!

Now that I'm temporarily back home, I wanted to share with my parents my new found art!!! Not to mention I have to keep up my good cooking house wife skills (what a mouthful) for when I finally make it out to London. I have also decided that it is long over due that I introduce more veggies into my dad's diet... he is an extremely picky eater!

Texas Flavored Pork Chops with Lemony Herbed Rice & a side of Gingered Squash Saute
What are some of your favorite quick and easy recipes??? I've also been craving Butternut Squash Soup lately... due to the chill in south Florida, so please share if you have any good ones!

Hope you feel inspired and put your own cooking skills to the test!  Bon Appetit =)

-P.S. I served the meal with mango wine...


  1. hy! i really love your style! so fresh! come check my blog, you`ll love it , i promise! would make me really happy if you return the favor and follow me too! regards from gaby!

  2. Hi Gaby! Awe thanks so much! I'm still relatively new to all this and trying find my style so it helps to know that you like it!!! I looked at your blog and LOVE your makeup pics! Im a follower now and cant wait to see more =)



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