Let Me Come Home...


So it's been two weeks since I got back from visiting hubs for the holidays and I can't believe it's only been TWO WEEKS!!!! I've been so busy making sure my days are full of non stop things that have to get done that it feels like its been over a month. For those of you that may not know, I just married my penguin of five years (they mate for life you know) after a grueling long distance relationship. And when I say long, I mean really, really, really long!!! He is British, and therefor in England. I am American, and in the States. So you can just begin to imagine how many times we have each traveled back and forth across the pond...

he liked it so he put a ring on it...

Because life is funny and can be unusually cruel sometimes, even though we are now legally married, I still cant just jump up and move over.... grrrrr! There's this whole extensive visa process that I am just starting in order to legally be able to work over there. I guess it makes sense but I was kind of hoping that after all this, they would just say congrats and here's your visa!

Just a few of the things on my list are:

1. Name change on EVERYTHING.
2. Update resume and references.
3. Work on portfolio.
4. Begin a blog.
5. Start running... again.

And that's just a preview... the list goes on and on... So very exciting, I just got all my main documents back this week with my new name and wanted to share!!! I am now officially Mrs. Jackeline Beale or Jackie B. for short. I like it! Suits me and has a nice ring to it... I am totally embracing my new name... now I just have to start practicing my new signature.

Last thing I want to share before we start the weekend... I came across this video and thought it was the perfect song for this weeks feelings. I miss my hubs and just want to come home to him. Check out Jorge & Alex Narvaez doing a cover of Home. Is she not just the cutest toddler ever! And as if that wasn't enough to tug at your heart strings, read their story on their site... made me tear up in a good way =)



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