Ben & Jackie Sitting In A Tree


After contemplating many different ways to begin this, I thought I should start at the beginning... or at least the beginning of the end for Jackie Lugo and long distance =)

So there's this special tree in Central Park that Ben I had found nearly two years ago. This tree was remarkable and would definitely make a lasting impression on both of us. What makes this tree so special even today is that not only is it very old and huge, but it's covered in carvings of love dedications! We had always wanted to come back to it and claim our little section in the bark but were never able to find it again. Central Park is just so huge!

So on July 19, 2010... just another work day for me, Ben finally found the tree!!! This was actually the day before he had to leave (back to London and I'll tell you all that story later on) and he had been searching high and low for the whole week!

It was the perfect date... tandem bike ride through Central Park... amazing NYC style pizza under "our tree"... and him carving our love into history. I was expecting the traditional Ben + Jackie Forever or something along those lines. I sat on the beach towel and fed the pigeons pizza crust while Ben carved... and carved... and carved...

I was so preoccupied making sure the little birds got their fair share of crust, I didn't realize how long Ben had been up there. When he finally declared he was finished, he helped pull me up onto a branch of the tree so I could examine his masterpiece.... and there it read:

I nearly fell out of the tree as I looked over at him, half in shock and very confused! And there he was, down on one knee on a lower branch and holding up a ring with that nervous smile I had predicted he would have! It all felt to surreal as I felt the rush of a million emotions flood me at once... I laughed, I cried, I asked "is this for real?" and then said YES!!!!!! It was all so unexpected in such an expected situation that I cant even really remember what he said exactly. Just the look on his face, the slight tears in his eyes, and that nervous smile. He told me after that he couldn't remember what he had said either lol. And so now, after five years of long distance... it is official!!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Harry Beale and Jackeline Lugo are Fiances!!!!



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