Beautiful Messes...


 ^^^beyond excited at this point!^^^
^^^the spread^^^
 ^^^ the ridiculously talented oh so lovely dana^^^
 ^^^folding away like i know what i'm doing^^^
 ^^^memorizing indigo dye & bubbles^^^
 ^^^such a beautiful mess^^^
^^^my babies!^^^

Fabric dying is something that has always seemed a bit intimidating to me, fashion degree and all. Picking out already fabulously dyed and printed fabrics, no problem! But actually doing it myself... well let's just say it's one of those things that was always way too scary for me to actually do myself so I never bothered. Thankfully Dana walked into my life at one of my last gigs and her genuine enthusiasm and passion for all things dye and fabric related was so catchy that I got curious. It also helped that she had this yearning to further explore and teach herself and from that Warp & Weft Dye Co. was born... and you better believe I jumped on that!

After months of eagerly hearing about her new adventures with it all, our schedules finally lined up and I was able to sign up for my very first shibori indigo dye class. You guys, it was love at first dye!!! This whole working with yours hands has been such a therapy for this overwhelmed brain of mine. Not really having any expectations of what I wanted to create, I just let my instincts guide me (and Dana too of course). Since this was my first time, it was hard for me to fully understand what my folds, the clamps, rubber bands and shapes would do to the dye or what the outcomes would be. I'm such a visual learner, I literally have to do things myself and watch the process from start to finish for the dots to all connect. I mean sure, she tried her hardest to explain that wherever these things were the dye wouldn't penetrate, acting as a dye resist... and I just nodded along like "yea, ok Dana".

Waiting patiently (or as patiently as I could manage while downing the champagne) for my fabrics to absorb the dye was pretty hard. When I finally couldn't take it anymore and decided that I didn't want my stuff to be too saturated anyways, I frantically opened up my projects and it was like my birthday and christmas combined! The grin on my face grew wider and wider with every reveal of my work. What I learned was that somehow my style was mainly geometric and pretty precise. Clean shapes, lines and patterns which was perfect because I'm not a huge fan of overly traditional tie-dye but that's just me. It was so great seeing how even though we had all done and followed the same techniques, because all of us in the class are so uniquely different when it comes to our creative visions, all of our things were very distinct from each other. And yet we all had a similar style within our bodies of work. And now I get it... I GET IT!!!

If you're local to the LA area or happen to be passing by, I highly urge you to check out one of these classes. The learning experience and creativity of it all was so much fun plus I got to hang with some really lovely ladies for the day. If you're too far don't fret, you can also pick up one of her at home dye kits with easy peasy beginners instructions. Intimidating, maybe... but the beauty of this is that there really are no mistakes to be made. It's all a beautiful mess and sometimes the most wonderful creations come from when we let go of that control.

***Today I am thankful for Dana and her amazing dye class... I'm a dye hard fan now!***


Local LA: Poke-Poke


^^^order at the window^^^

 ^^^food with a view^^^
Poke-Poke // 1827 Ocean Front Walk, Venice CA 90291

I've been meaning to share this gem of a place for the longest time and the time has finally come! If you're a local to Venice (and maybe even Santa Monica) you may already about this place, but just in case, I'm telling everyone anyways! Tourists visiting, listen up! When your'e strolling down the Venice boardwalk (which we all know you will do) make sure to keep your eye out for Poke-Poke, an absolute must have. The ordering window is to the side of the building so it can be kind of easy to miss but there is usually a line of eager customers waiting to order so just get in line behind them.

Poke is a delicacy that originates from Hawaii and consists of mainly fish, in this case ahi, which is marinated in soy sauce, sea same oil, onions and sesame seeds for starters. From there you can customize your poke since they make them to order which also means your getting the freshest bite. I like adding avocado and spices to mine but skies the limit really. And on top of all that goodness, it's actually a pretty healthy dish too so it's a win-win!

***Today I am thankful for the delicious and healthy goodness that is Poke-Poke!***


Weaving Dreams...


 ^^^isn't marryanne moodie just the cutest?!^^^
^^^drinking & weaving^^^
 ^^^her gorgeous examples^^^

I have a kind of an embarrassing confession to make but here goes anyways... I became completely obsessed with the idea of weaving when I came across Marryanne Moodie on instagram. I mean I fell head over heels with her designs, her use of color and texture, pretty much everything really. She was teaching weaving classes in Brooklyn at the time and I remember thinking how jealous I was to be on the opposite coast and also how unlucky it was that I hadn't discovered her while I was living in Brooklyn. One of those funny life things, you know? Anyways, when she started selling beginners weaving kits, I instantly jumped for joy and bought one as quickly as possible. And then it sat in my closet floor for a year (A WHOLE YEAR!) and that my friends is my sad/embarrassing confession.

You see the thing is, I had gotten to a place in my life where I was tapped out of creativity. Sure I could still appreciate and admire creativeness when I encountered it, but left to my own devices, I didn't have it in me to initiate the spark that it required to be re-born. I felt so completely frustrated with myself for not being able to just pick up the loom and start weaving due to lack of inspiration so I just hid it. Then one day Marryanne announced that she was going to be touring to teach classes and L.A. was on the list so I signed up without a second thought. I just knew this was the push I needed/had been waiting for (maybe?) and just went with it. Well I'm happy to share, it worked! It filled my heart and soul with the spark I had been craving, inspired me to the utter most brim and got my creativity flowing again! It felt like a dam had burst and I was finally able to feel that hunger for making things again! So thank you again Marryanne, you have no idea just how much that class meant to me!

***Today I am thankful I got the chance to meet and learn from the lovely marryanne!***


Travel Guide: Second Line


 ^^^look at that lil' guy!^^^
 ^^^street cart jambalaya^^^
 ^^^she had killer moves^^^
^^^parading past some colorful houses^^^
 ^^^wink, wink^^^
 ^^^could be related to snoop dog?!^^^
 ^^^people out on their porches to catch the excitement^^^
^^^the parade was in her honor!^^^

Parades and carnivals are pretty much staples when it comes to New Orleans history and culture so it was pretty exciting when we just happened to stumble across one during our visit. I say lucky but apparently they happen pretty frequently around those parts and so maybe not so much luck but awesome city norms. I briefly touched on some of the parade highlights in this post, but felt the need to include more pictures in a separate post of it's own so here you go! This is what I like to call views from a short person participating in her first second line... or something a little less complicated ;)

***Today I am thankful that I got the chance to experience what a second line is all about!***

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